What is a business account?

If you’re a frequent seller or a business with a large amount of products, then a handshake business account may be a better fit for you.

There are three types of handshake business account – vehicles, real estate and retail.

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What are the benefits of a business account?

We offer our business account holders bulk listing discounts for vehicles, real estate and retail shops. Check out our listing fees page for more information on pricing. Business accounts also have the added benefit of a company logo and banner on their page as well as a front page ‘about us’ section to promote their business.

How do I create a business account?

When you click on the register link on our homepage you will have the option to sign up as either a ‘personal’ account or a ‘business’ account. Please follow the 3 step process to register. All business accounts will need to be approved before you can start listing items. You will receive an email notification when your business account has been approved.

register page


Business register


Business account register2


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