Business account types

Handshake offers retailers, vehicle dealerships and real estate agencies a dedicated business account to sell their products online.

Opening a business account is easy – when you register, select “Business account”, provide the required information then select one of the three business types below.

Retail (general items)

Retail account holders can list and sell all products classified under the General items category, from books to travel and tours. This account type is mainly designed for product and service oriented businesses looking to sell their products online.

Vehicle dealers

This business account is for vehicle dealerships who want to sell their vehicles using online classified ads. Vehicle account holders also can add details of sales personnel, which will be displayed in all listings.

Real estate agents

This account type is for real estate agencies who wish to sell their properties using online classified ads.  Account holders also can add contact details for sales personnel which will be displayed in all listings.

 Business account type

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