The Disputes Resolution process

Handshake works hard to eliminate all bad traders, but sometimes trades just don’t go as planned. Once all the steps have been taken through the ‘Problems with a seller’ guide the next step generally is to get in touch with the Disputes Tribunal to engage with the seller and sort the issue.

The Disputes Tribunal is in place to provide New Zealanders with a private way to resolve a range of different civil disputes. The service is quick, informal and inexpensive with fees starting from as low as $45.

To begin this process you will need to complete two steps:

  1. Complete a Disputes Tribunal Claim Form (
  2. Access the contact details of the seller for your Disputes Tribunal Claim. Because of privacy laws we are unable to give you these details without approval from the Disputes Tribunal. You will need to fill out a handshake Statutory Declaration Form* in order for us to release personal details of our members. The form will need to be signed by a Registrar and returned to us before any information is given out.


*Please contact us through our helpdesk to obtain this form.

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