Adding photos and videos to your listing

You can add up to 4 photos for free in General item listings! The first photo that uploads automatically becomes your main photo.

  • Watermarked photos or videos from other sites are not permitted – make sure you upload original content.
  • All photos uploaded to handshake will be watermarked.
  • We accept the following photo formats: .gif, .bmp, .png, .jpeg or .jpg.
  • Photos must be under 5MB in size. Photos that are over 640 pixels wide are compatible with image zoom software.


How to add photos to your listing

The third step in the listing process will take you to the media upload page. Below the video upload you will see the photo upload section. Simply click on Upload files, select the images from your computer that you wish to upload and click Open. Your photo will begin to upload. Use the radio button to the left of the images to select the main image. DO NOT click the Next button until all images have fully loaded. You are able to add new photos to your listing by editing your advert.

How to add videos to your listing*

The fourth step in our listing process is ‘Media Upload’.  Adding a relevant video helps promote your listing.

Embedding a video into your listing is free for General items and Premium listings and ridiculously easy! All you need to do is copy and paste a YouTube link. For example:

Video is restricted to YouTube clips only.


* Embedding a video is only possible when listing General items (either Standard or Premium listing type), Giveaways, or when selecting the Premium listing option within any category excluding Employment.

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