Placing bids and auto-bids

You must be a registered user to bid on items listed on handshake.

Before you place a bid we suggest you read the listing carefully, along with any questions and answers for the item.  It also pays to check the feedback of the seller by clicking on their username and viewing their profile.  If you are unsure about anything regarding the listing, please post a question to contact the seller.

When you are ready to place a bid, enter the amount you want to bid and click Place bid.  Your bid will need to be higher than the current bid or equal to the start price.

You will then be asked to confirm your valid bid.  By confirming this bid you are obliged to go through with the sale if you win the auction.



To make bidding easier you can select the auto-bid option.  Simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay and handshake will place automatic minimal allowable bids up to your set amount to keep you in the lead.


Frequently asked questions about auto-bids:

Why has my auto-bid jumped to its maximum?

If your auto-bid is below or equal to the reserve, your maximum auto-bid will be placed.

If an existing auto-bid is greater than yours, your auto-bid may also jump to its maximum, and be immediately outbid.

Why did my auto-bid jump straight to the reserve price?

If your auto-bid exceeds the reserve, a bid will be placed equal to the reserve.  You will then lead the bidding until your auto-bid is exceeded.

Why did my auto-bid bid against itself? 

If another member places a bid equal to your auto-bid, your maximum auto-bid will be placed.  It will appear as two consecutive bids from you.  Auto-bids have priority over normal bids of the same value as they were placed earlier.



Handshake auctions will auto-extend for a period of two minutes if a bid is placed within the final two minutes of the auction.  Auto-extend will continue until no bids have been placed for a full two minutes.

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